What is the Keyword Long Tail? How to Find It?
MyFC Agency - 02.08.2023

"Long Tail Keywords" are typically keywords that have less competition in search engines and consist of longer, more unique phrases or word combinations. These types of keywords target more specific searches and often align better with the users' search intent. Although long-tail keywords may attract less traffic, they generally have higher conversion rates.

To find long-tail keywords, you can follow the steps below:

Keyword Research: Research keywords related to your area of interest or niche. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner or other free and paid keyword research tools to gather information on search volume and competition levels.

Topic Determination: Identify the main topics your website or content focuses on. Then, brainstorm sub-topics and combine them with potential long-tail keywords.

Creating Long-Tail Keywords: Use the information from your keyword research to create long-tail keywords. For example, choose a more specific and longer keyword like "natural hair care masks for dry hair" instead of a broad term like "hair care."

Competitive Analysis: Check the competition levels by searching for the long-tail keywords you've generated. Ensure that there is less competition so that your content can achieve better visibility.

Natural and Memorable Phrases: When creating long-tail keywords, use natural and memorable phrases. Long-tail keywords that reflect what users might actually search for tend to perform better.

Content Creation: Create content targeting the identified long-tail keywords. The content should naturally incorporate the keywords and provide real value to users.

Tracking and Analysis: Monitor and analyze the performance of your content. Identify which long-tail keywords perform better and contribute to conversions. This information will guide your future content strategies.

Targeting long-tail keywords can help you reach less competitive and more niche audiences. However, always ensure that you produce high-quality and valuable content because search engines and users can detect whether the content is genuinely useful and relevant, which can lead to higher rankings.


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