Site Title: What is it and How Should it Be? Examples of Titles
MyFC Agency - 11.07.2023

Site Title: What is it and How Should it Be? Examples of Titles

The site title, also known as the "Title Tag," is an HTML element that represents the title of a web page. It appears in the browser tab and search engine result pages. The site title should provide a concise summary of the page's content and purpose, offering essential information to users and search engines. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in search engine optimization (SEO). Here are some tips and examples for creating effective site titles:

Keep it Short and Concise: The site title should generally be around 50-60 characters. This ensures that it is fully visible in the browser tab. A short and concise title allows users and search engines to quickly grasp the essence of the page.
Example: "Flower World - Online Flower Ordering and Delivery Services"

Include Keywords: The site title should include the page's primary keyword or keyword phrase. This informs search engines about the main topic of the page. Placing your keyword or key phrase towards the beginning of the title can be more effective.
Example: "Best Travel Guide - Travel Tips for Discovering New Destinations Worldwide"

Ensure Uniqueness: Each web page should have a unique title. Unique titles help search engines better understand your pages and determine their rankings.
Example: "Delicious Recipes - Kitchen Tips and Recipes for Creative and Healthy Cooking"

Consider Brand or Company Name: The site title can include your brand or company name. This enhances brand visibility and indicates to users that the page belongs to your brand.
Example: "Fashion Trend - Stylish and Trendy Looks with XYZ Fashion Store"

User-Focused Approach: The site title should be user-friendly, captivating, and encourage clicks. Using clear, engaging, and enticing language is important.
Example: "7 Steps to Perfect Sports Performance - Professional Exercise Tips and Strategies"

The site title provides essential information about your page to both users and search engines. Choosing a good site title is crucial for attracting user attention, improving search engine rankings, and increasing website traffic. The above tips and examples can assist you in creating an effective site title.

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