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MyFC Agency - 23 July 2022

How to Do SEO Compatible Web Design?
SEO stands for search engine optimization. An SEO compatible website means a website with an infrastructure that can rank high in search engines, especially Google. Terms such as "search engine friendly" and "Google friendly" are also used for these types of sites.


Features of SEO Compatible Website
There are more than 100 points that fall into the concept of on-site SEO. However, it would be appropriate to mention the most important of them.


1. Create unique and descriptive META tags for all pages of your website
One of the most important visibility criteria of a website in search engines is META tags. For META tags, TITLE and DESCRIPTION tags are indispensable. These tags are the first place to look for the page to be understood by search engines. The title tag should be an average of 70 characters and a short text describing the page content. The description tag is the section with an average of 160 characters that summarizes the page content. Apart from that, there are Keywords and many similar, relatively less important Meta tags.


2. Make Your Content Unique and High Quality
Search engines began to give more importance to content than in previous years. Search engines, which were not able to evaluate content with a semantic approach in the past, now evaluate many factors beyond the number of words in the page content, passing time on the page, bounces and many similar factors. It evaluates the quality of such content by measuring its usefulness to the user. For this reason, we must pay attention to the following items:

* Your site content (text and images) must be original.

* Your site should have quality content in a way that the user will spend a lot of time.

* Have a video in your content if possible. Thus, users will spend more time on your site.

* Make sure that the texts on your site comply with the grammar and spelling rules and are easily understandable.


3. Your Website Should Open Fast
Your website needs to be able to load very quickly. According to many search engines, this is a very important rule. For this reason, the images and code structure on your website should be optimized. I would like to share with you 2 of the important tools to measure the speed of your website:

Google PageSpeed ​​Tools:

GT Metrix:


Do we come out on top when an SEO Compatible website is made?
When we examine the concept of SEO, we can see that not only on-site factors, but also off-site factors are effective in search rankings. In other words, even if the on-site SEO compliance is 100%, a site may not be in the top positions. It all depends on the situation of your competitors competing with you on the relevant terms. Companies that are mostly on the first page of competitive keywords are mostly doing on-site SEO work. In this case, we can say that on-site SEO will not be enough for a company that wants to stand out in front of them.

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