How Your Agency Can Take Advantage of the Latest Web Design Trends?
MyFC Agency - 08.03.2023

How Your Agency Can Take Advantage of the Latest Web Design Trends?

Web design is halfway between technical skills, creativity, and art. And, just like technology and art, it is constantly evolving. As a web designer, part of your job is to keep an eye on what's happening out there and follow new trends. So, how can you stay up-to-date with the latest trends without taking time away from your web design work? Of course, by working with Myfc Agency. As Myfc Agency, we want to summarize the most important web design trends in 2023.

  • Chaos puts distance between content and users. Simplicity attracts the eyes, mind, and attention. Your goal is always to prioritize the user's experience on your website. It not only needs to look simple, but it also needs to work simply.
  • The arrangement of elements on a web page is extremely important. If you create a visual hierarchy, the web page becomes more readable for users, which is always an unchanging principle. How can you create a visual hierarchy? Use fonts, colors, and sizes to allow users to identify critical information immediately or to identify category groups, for example.
  • The quality of web design alone is not sufficient to determine the success of a website. Content is equally important and sometimes has priority over design. You need to be aware of this to create a successful website for your clients.
  • One of the most trendy elements in web design in 2023 is horizontal scrolling. If you need to showcase images or products on the main web page, horizontal scrolling is particularly suitable. Instead of scrolling down, users will scroll left to right using horizontal scrolling. Horizontal scrolling is ideal for things like images and product photos, but it is not ideal for menus.
  • Single-page websites are becoming trendy because they are easy to create.
  • Minimalism is becoming trendy everywhere: on YouTube, on the internet, and on Instagram. Minimal clothing, minimal furniture, digital minimalism, etc. When it comes to color, elements, aesthetics, and interaction, minimalism is becoming trendy in the web design industry.
  • Gender-related dialogue is becoming increasingly trendy worldwide and on all platforms. Many web designers and many users are being more careful in their color choices, avoiding gender differentiation in their projects. Gender-neutral colors are all colors that are not pink or blue. If you are working for a company that is sensitive to this theme, you should prefer to offer users a neutral experience.
  • Users are hoping to interact more and more with websites. They expect an interesting and engaging experience, rather than just navigating a website. Static websites that do not contain any interactive elements are the least functional websites.

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